New Fever of Europe - Bubble Football Game

New Fever of Europe - Bubble Football GameI am not usually a football lover but there is a new game which i would love to play in Europe. Gone are the days when fifa and NBA used to be the most exciting games now its time for Bubble Football game. Its a new fever in Europe and read more »

Beautiful Places from The Film Life of Pi

Beautiful Places from The Film Life of PiLife of Pi - a very beautiful film directed by Ang Lee is about a survivor who wins his journey through faith and faith is what Life of Pi is finally all about. A very beautifully told story about survival, triumph of the human spirit, self-discovery, and the quest for meaning in life was filmed at read more »

A Trip to the 127 Hours Filming Location

A Trip to the 127 Hours Filming Location127 Hours Filming Location Have you seen the movie 127 Hours ? Oh, ofcourse you have seen. This was the movie which was based on true story of an adventurer who gets trapped under a boulder while canyoneering. Do you have any idea what place was that ? Do you know where the read more »

The Hobbit - Really an Unexpected Journey ?

The Hobbit - Really an Unexpected Journey ?The Hobbit - Really an Unexpected Journey / travel? I have recently checked that the movie "The Hobbit" got 9 stars on IMDB and it is not even completely released in all countries. So what were the reasons of this big Hit ? Well, there are many but 5 of them read more »

Travel To Mykonos with Stereo Love

Travel To Mykonos with Stereo Love I just dont wanna let go......Well, If you are a music lover then i dont think i need to explain you about Stereo Love of Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina. If you also have seen the video then would not you like to know where Stereo love was filmed? According to read more »

All Facts You want to know before travelling to Gangnam - Its Gangnam Style !!!

All Facts You want to know before travelling to Gangnam - Its Gangnam Style !!! Okay, as most of people seem to be suffering Gangnam Epidemic and do not know about Gangnam except the song Gangnam Style. I tried to ask my friends on facebook that what is so attractive in this song but no one responded me. Most of the people from western and read more »

Trip To the Best Places from the Movie - Lord Of the Rings

Trip To the Best Places from the Movie - Lord Of the Rings So, have you seen all the three parts from the movie - Lord of the Rings. How about to travel to the fascinating place from the Movie - Lord of the Rings. Do you have any Idea where the movie Lord of the Rings was filmed? Well, It was filmed on read more »

Travel to Skull Island - King Kong 2005

Travel to Skull Island - King Kong 2005 Do you remember the Skull Island from the movie King Kong ?  So, if you remember the beautiful Skull Island from the movie, do you have any Idea where the Skull Island is located  or where the movie King Kong was filmed? The Skull Island was a fictional Island which was read more »

Travel To The Places of Perfect Getaway

Travel To The Places of Perfect Getaway Okay, If you have seen and remember the hit hollywood thriller perfect getaway then you must know the very beautiful places used in the movie. The Resident Evil Girl Milla Jovovich and the Hitman - Timothy Olyphant played the role in this Thriller adventure movie. The story is about two couples read more »

Trip To Jurassic Park !!

Trip To Jurassic Park !! Okay, as some of you were asking about a trip to the filming locations of Jurassic Park movie. So, here is my new post of A trip to Jurassic Park. Apart from the Universal and Warner Brother studios, the Jurassic park was filmed mostly at 10 places of Hawaii which read more »

Best Base Jumping Spots in China !!

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Okay, First of all let me apologize for my title because i dont know if those base jumping spots in China are really best. Its because i only heard and read about them. I didnt visit them personally and as you know i dont mark as “best” until i personally visit the destination.

So, basically this post “Best base jumping Spots in China” is dedicated to one of my friend who is heading to China next month and she asked me to search and share about those Best spots for base jumping. Its my bad fate that i missed the opportunity to do all this extreme adventure myself but it alright !! I am not going to miss it next time and if you also have some planning to visit China then just memorize those spots, and if you are the one who knows more then us then please dont be selfish, go ahead and share it with us.

So here we go –

Top 5 Perfect Medical Tourism Destinations

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Top medical tourism destinations

Last time when i was travelling from Jaipur to Delhi i met an African guy Joseph who came here for his mother’s treatment from Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania. His mother was 75 and had some kind of tumor that i pretended to understood but actually i coudnt get it. All i was thinking that what made him to come to developing country for his mother’s check up. I mean there are countries like US, UK and other developed nations that provides best medical treatment. I was burst with curiosity and asked this question to him and he told me many reasons why he chose India for  Medical Tourism. I had a little debate too with him. No doubt the guy has done pretty good research before boarding the plane for medical tourism.

When i found myself losing the debate then i asked him what is his definition of  perfect Medical Tourism destination. He simply said Cheap medical treatment + Excellent doctors + beautiful healing environment = perfect medical tourism destination. I really liked his way of defining perfect medical tourism destinations.

This article Top 5  Perfect Medical Tourism Destinations is dedicated to all those who are packing their bags and seeking for perfect medical tourism destinations.

Natural Attractions of Turkey

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Natural Attractions of Turkey

By – Jessica

Turkey is a rich historical land endowed with some of the best sceneries, beaches and mountains. Because of this, Turkey attracts millions of tourists annually. Below are some of the best natural attractions in Turkey.


Cappadocia is a historical region in Turkey. It is popular for its moon-like landscape, cave churches, underground cities and houses carved in rocks. While here, you can be able to have a beautiful view of underground cities, Goleme Open air museum, cavusin and Ihlara Canyon. You also have the opportunity to hike, Cross-Golf and balloon. The Cappodacia landscape offers a fair challenge to the best of golfers. The spectacular landscapes have appropriate flying conditions which makes it easier to fly hot air balloons. For those who like hiking, following the parts across the valleys is a great fun.

Have a Honeymoon Paradise Adventure

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Have a Honeymoon Paradise Adventure

By – Mandy

Many newlyweds choose a honeymoon destination that is peaceful and relaxing so that they can unwind after stressful wedding preparations. French Polynesia, also called “Tahiti and Her Islands” has many islands perfect for honeymooners. It is located in the Pacific ocean between South America and Australia, also it consists of 118 islands that are scattered across 5 million square kilometres (1,930,500 square miles). They are volcanic in origin, it took over 4 million years of volcanic activity to create these wonderful islands. Tourists are attracted by the natural beauty of the islands which looks dreamed-up, as if it were painted by a skilled master rather than created by unpredictable natural occurrences.

Top heritage attractions in Bahrain

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Bahrain (1)

Top heritage attractions in Bahrain

Bahrain is beautiful island kingdom that is growing at an alarming rate-which is an interesting thing! In

most places shallow seas meet the sand bars. If you are totally passionate about land development and

what have you, this is the best place to seek investment. Currently, there are land development projects

like the Bahrain financial harbor which is located in the capital of Manama. This rapidly growing kingdom

boasts of having possessing of the best attractions. The landscape is made up of both modern and

ancient components. Join me, as I explored some of the top heritage attractions in Bahrain that generate

millions of foreign income to the tourism industry.

An adventurous Week in Istanbul

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Experience an adventurous Week in Istanbul

Istanbul is a city with rich history and it also offers some of the greatest tastes in cuisine, added to an

amazing culture and beautiful scenery there is no other place in the world like it When you go on holiday

be sure to make a trip to Istanbul and experience life as it should be Most of the places in Istanbul takes

visa, so be sure to pack your card. We will discuss some of the places to see and visit while you are in


What to do in Istanbul while on holiday.

Most Attracted places in India

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most attracted tourist place in India

India is one of the most beautiful nations in the world. It has a very unique culture and heritage. Tourism

in India is hugely famous worldwide. Every year a lot of foreigners visit various famous places in the

nation. Some of the most attracted places of tourist interest are as follows.

Taj Mahal-

Taj Mahal is one of the 7 wonders in the world. Thus, every foreign tourist must visit it at

least once during India tours. It is a mausoleum on the burial of Mughal king and queen. This beautiful

creation is located in Agra city of Northern India. It is made of best white marbles with splendid

embroidery and sculpture over them.

Enjoy 5 Family-Friendly Hiking Trails on Long Island

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hiking trails, long island


Enjoy 5 Family-Friendly Hiking Trails on Long Island

Long Island is a major tourist spot in the state of New York in the United States and is regularly visited by the people looking for a nice spot for their free days. It is well-known for its waterways, but the major attraction of the place is a lot of hiking trails that are available in the area. Since the entire island is covered in woods along the shoreline, it seems like a perfect place for a family to spend their summer days hiking and exploring the island. There are a number of hiking trails that are especially known and should be at least gone for once in the lifetime. The top five trails in Long Island are listed below:

  1. Brookhaven State Park:
  • This park is in the central part of the island and is basically spread in a large area.
  • The major advantage of this hike is that it is free of cost and no extra charges are taken in any way whatsoever. This park has its trails run along Wiskey Road and it catches up with the Paumanok Path.

Stay On Safe Side When Out For Fun In Dubai

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When we go out for entertainments especially for thrilling activities we often neglect safety measure. It is good to enjoy anything with its real charm but safety should be kept at the top before going out. In the following text we will provide you just few tip that how you can maintain certain measures during your excitement in Dubai so that they will not create any trouble for you.

Beaches of Dubai – Fantabulous Weather To Feel And Exciting Beauties To See

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Cruising Lady, beaches of arabia

Dubai city is a blend of charming characteristics that attract a large number of tourists around the world. It is all because of beaches of Dubai providing fantabulous weather that is harsh even though but still very pleasant and enjoyable. The city is loaded with several things, so it is easy to manage your holiday in beaches of Dubai. You can observe the awesome city to recover much from its sea, its desert, its traditional city etc.