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Travel To Unseen and weird Places

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strange places

Travel to unseen and weird places on earth via Google Earth. You can also travel to these places by your own. These weird places are all around us, some of them are unseen but some of them are exposed. Earth is full of mysterious places and alien structers. Google Earth can see it but our naked eyes cant.

Massive animal-shaped mounds in Peru dating back 5,000 years have been revealed by Google Earth.

1. Southern Peru

The country is already famous for the weird Nazca lines, which include a series of giant animal outlines drawn on the ground.

Now the South American country can add mounds in the shapes of birds, including a giant condor, an orca, a duck, and a caiman/puma monster to its list of wonders best-seen from the air.

strange places

Orcas hunted off the Peruvian coast 500 metres away until recently when industrial fishing removed their prey. This orca-shaped mound dated to approximately 5000 years ago